Steelwood has over 20 years of experience in the rental of steel and plastic road plates and azobe crane mats and has numerous reference projects. Images often say more then words, so below you will find an impression of some reference projects we have performed over the years.

Because of the origin of our company, as a specialized supplier of road plates and crane mats for all the lifting and transport works of Mammoet, we have created a strong specialism in the Petrochemical, Energy, Civil sector and infrastructure works, where we learned the importance of  flexibility and safety. Because of this we have acquired a dominant position in sectors where these aspects are essential, for instance at refineries (by TOTAL and Shell), working under and near power lines, power plants and even nuclear plants (EDF). Besides these sectors, Steelwood also delivers steel and plastic road plates and crane mats to companies active in the building industry, ground- and water works, road construction, events, dance festivals, and offshore companies. 

Steelwood is a highly valued supplier of steel road plates and azobe crane mats because of its flexibility (we can work 24/7 for our clients if the job demands it, arranged upfront), large stocks and fast delivery possibilities combined with a personal and proper service. For over 20 years we have delivered road plates and crane mats to numerous prominent companies in many industries.