Crane mats rental

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Crane mats rental. Are you interested to rent crane mats? Then Steelwood is the company you are looking for. We have a large supply of high quality hardwood crane mats, completely made from azobe wood. These crane mats are very suitable for the distribution of ground pressure under crawler cranes or other applications where ground pressure distribution is needed. In the table below we have listed the different types of azobe crane mats with corresponding dimensions, weights, rental prices and handling costs (loading and offloading). 

Obviously you can pick up the crane mats yourself at our depot in Breda. However, often it is much easier and cheaper to have qualified transport provided by us to deliver the crane mats to your construction site. Because of our excellent cooperation with Fievet Transport, we are able to deliver the crane mats to you safely and quickly and provide layout at any location you desire, at competitive prices. We have modern trucks at our disposal as well as certified employees, making sure we are able and allowed to deliver crane mats to any location, including highly restricted areas like petrochemical plants and power plants.

Steelwood is a highly valued supplier of azobe crane mats because of its flexibility (operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), large stocks and fast delivery possibilities combined with a personal and proper service. For over 20 years we have delivered road plates to numerous prominent companies in many industries. 

Are you curious about the possibilities of having azobe crane mats delivered at your location? Please contact us at +31302332662 or and we can directly give you a cost estimate and advice on which type of crane mat would fit your requirements. This advice will of course be completely non-committal.