Crane mats rental

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Crane mats rental. Are you interested to rent Azobé wooden crane mats? Then Steelwood is the company you are looking for. We have a large supply of high quality hardwood crane mats, completely made from azobe wood. These crane mats are very suitable for the distribution of ground pressure under crawler cranes or other applications where ground pressure distribution is needed. In the table below we have listed the different types of azobe crane mats with corresponding dimensions, weights, rental prices and handling costs (loading and offloading at our yard). 

Steelwood operates from one centrally located yard in Zevenbergschen Hoek, at the highway A16 close to Moerdijk, between Rotterdam and Breda. Due to this location we mostly work in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders), however we also have projects in (West) Germany and (Northern) France. We can deliver the crane mats to you safely and quickly and provide layout and pick up at any location you desire with our certified employees, including highly restricted areas as for instance petrochemical plants or power plants.

Delivery includes layout and pick up of the road plates and crane mats to your location. Are you interested in renting road plates or crane mats in Breda, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Gent or any other location in "our region"? Steelwood is the supplier you are looking for. 

Steelwood is a highly valued supplier of steel road plates because of its flexibility (we can work 24/7 for our clients if the job demands it, arranged upfront), large stocks and fast delivery possibilities combined with a personal and proper service. For over 20 years we have delivered road plates to numerous prominent companies in many industries. 

Are you curious about the possibilities of having Azobé wooden crane mats delivered at your location? Please contact us via where you tell us for WHAT PURPOSE and WHERE you need them and the estimated DURATION and START DATE, and we can directly make you an offer and/or advice on which type of crane mats would fit your project.