About us


Steelwood is a family business founded in 1999 by Ralph van Seumeren (founding family member and former shareholder of Mammoet). Since 2019, Ferry van Seumeren (2nd generation) is leading the company.

Established as a specialized supplier of road plates and crane mats for all the lifting and transport works of Mammoet, Steelwood created a strong specialism in the petrochemical/energy sector and in civil and infrastructure works and working under stringent safety protocols. As a result, we have been able to acquire dominant positions in sectors where these aspects are essential, for instance at refineries (TOTAL and Shell), working under and near power lines, and at the construction and maintenance of power plants. 

Shortly after its founding, Steelwood's services have been used in a wide array of sectors including companies active in the building industry, ground- and water works, road construction, events, festivals, wind energy and offshore industry. 

Since many years Steelwood has an outstanding relationship with Fievet Transport (Fievet-Lambregts nowadays), also a family business, which enables Steelwood that nothing is impossible. Steelwood is a highly valued supplier of steel road plates and azobe crane mats because of its outstanding experience, flexibility (operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if needed), large stocks and fast delivery possibilities combined with a personal and proper service.